Retro Gaming 00’s- Ridge Racer 6: (2005)

As many people know the 00’s decade was considered to be the golden era of the racing genre for many people because some of the best titles from that genre fans out during that time period. Ridge Racer was one of the many racing titles from the 00’s that was memorable to gamers back then; despite not being as popular as the likes of Need For Speed: Most Wanted which also came out back in 2005. For those who do not know Ridge Racer 6 was developed and published by Namco and was released exclusively for the Xbox 360. The Ridge Racer series in general had been around since ’93 with RR6 being the first entry within the series to appear on the Xbox 360. It was a bit surprising that Ridge Racer 6 was not released for the PS3 especially since RR games generally appeared on consoles within the Sony product line. If one was a huge fan of the arcade styled street racing genre than Ridge Racer 6 was a game that was worth buying a Xbox 360 for during the mid 00’s. Ridge Racer 6 had so many strong positives including its World Xplorer career mode.

The career mode for Ridge Racer 6 was one of the main highlights of the game because of how structured it was. Ridge Racer 6 ran at 60 FPS while including over 200 races with over 100 and had excellent track design which added to its overall replay value. While Ridge Racer 6 was a pretty fun title within its genre the game was overshadowed by the likes of Need For Speed Most Wanted, Project Gotham Racing and evening Gran Turismo 4 from December 2004. Also, despite how cool Ridge Racer 6 was there are some who argue that the game is not quite as good as RR Type-4 from ’98. Ridge Racer 6 similar to that of RR7 was appealing to players because of the various nitros but the each game was lacking in soul compared to RR2 and RR Type-4. While Ridge Racer 6 might not have been everyone favorite installment within the RR series it was still far from being a terrible racing title. In fact many would argue that Ridge Racer 6 was above average at best in comparison to some of the older installments within the series. It a bit of a shame that Ridge Racer 6 remained a Xbox 360 exclusive because it definitely could have been somewhat of an attraction on the PS3 during the mid 00’s along with the Xbox 360.

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