Retro Gaming 90’s- Mario & Wario: (1993)

There have been so many Super Mario games that Nintendo has come out with since the inception of the series that its difficult to keep track of all of them. One of the few games within the Mario series that many people might be unfamiliar with is the Mario & Wario title from ’93. For those who do not know Mario & Wario was a side scrolling puzzle game that appeared on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The Mario & Wario game was uniquely different from anything fans had seen within the series back then. In this game players were able to control a fairy named Wanda to help Mario, Peach or Toad navigate throughout various courses in each level in the game to keep him alive. While players have three characters to choose from Wario serves as the main antagonist for this side scrolling puzzle game that contains 100 different levels. Each level sees a slight increase in difficulty and by the time players make it towards or past the halfway point of the game it becomes a lot harder than it looks. Players can use Wanda to collection coins and are also timed throughout each level.

The faster players completed different levels the more it would have a positive effect on their overall score. There were also bonus levels that would help players improve their overall score with each game that was played as well. As nice as Mario & Wario looked on the Super NES many people could have argued that Super Mario Land 2 from ’92 deserved to be on the 16-bit console more. For those who do not know Super Mario Land 2 was released for Game Boy in ’92 and it was a platformer that saw Wario make his in game debut as a villain. While Super Mario Land 2 was a huge success reaching at least 11 million in sales it could have been far more successful in the SNES. Also, having a side scrolling puzzle game where Wario is the main villain opposed to a direct sequel to Super Mario Land 2 felt kinda strange in hindsight. Also, having a Mario game where the main protagonist along with Princess Peach & Toad being selectable characters without Luigi who was also in the game felt kinda weird as well. Despite, what people have to say about Mario & Wario the game still received positive reviews from gaming publications.

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