Metal Gear: Tactical Espionage Action remake coming soon for PS5?

As far as big rumors within the gaming world is concerned there have been rumors floating around about Konami doing something big with the Metal Gear Solid series. Recently, there has been a claim from a YouTube gaming channel called RedGamingTech that Konami plans on remaking the original Metal Gear Solid from ‘98. As many people know the original Metal Gear Solid title that appeared on the PS1 during the late 90’s was considered to be one of the greatest games of the 32-bit era. Also, the Metal Gear Solid game from ‘98 was considered to be one best installment within the entire series and earned over $51 million shortly after its release. Metal Gear Solid is considered to be legendary as a action-adventure stealth game and received universal praise following its release. There were minor issues that people had with the game includes frame rate issues along with a somewhat complicated storyline.

However, if the rumors of a remake for the ‘98 Metal Gear Solid game are true this is Konami’s chance to fix the issues that existed in the original version of the game. Also, as far as Metal Gear Solid receiving an in-depth remake is concerned opposed to simply being remastered it will be interesting to see what Konami plans on doing in terms of gameplay. According to RedGamingTech the Metal Gear Solid remake is supposed appear on the PS5 along with PC quite possibly next year. The same source also claimed that Konami plans on remastering Metal Gear Solid 2,3 and 4 in high definition with the release dates of those games being unknown as well. Hopefully, Konami reveals more information about the claims made by RedGamingTech if they are indeed true. The idea of seeing classic Metal Gear Solid games on PS5 is one that would appeal to long time fans of the series. A series of old Metal Gear Solid games would also be one of the many big attractions for the PS5 if they were re-released sometime between 2021-2022.

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