Retro Gaming 90’s- WWF Royal Rumble: (1993)

When it comes down to classic arcade games from the early 90’s one of the more memorable from that time period that comes to mind is WWF Royal Rumble from 1993. WWF Royale Rumble was developed by Sculptured Software and published by Acclaim Entertainment and was released for the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was one that looked and left significantly different than what people saw in the WWF Wrestlefest title from ‘91 since it deviated away the arcade styled look and gameplay which Technos Japan had created. Instead WWF Royal Rumble added some realism in terms of gameplay mainly in relation to its grappling system. Also, it was one of the first pro wrestling games where players could utilize illegal tactics after accidentally knocking out a referee. WWF Royal Rumble included multiple game modes such as Singles Match, Tag Team Match, Triple Threat Tag-Team and Royal Rumble all features which added to the games overall replay value. Also, WWF Royal Rumble featured an all-star roster of some of biggest names in pro wrestling including Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Randy Savage, Lex Luger, Razor Ramon and more depending on which version of the game was purchased.

The SNES version of WWF Royal Rumble included the likes of Ric Flair, Ted DiBiase, Mr. Perfect and Yokozuna. The Genesis version of WWF Royal Rumble featured exclusive characters such as: Hulk Hogan, Rick Martel and IRS making it tough for people to choose one version over the other. WWF Royal Rumble in general was seen as a upgrade from the WWF Super Wrestlemania game from ‘92. WWF Royal Rumble was eventually followed by two sequels including Rage in the Cage for Sega CD in ‘93 and WWF Raw from ‘94. While there are some who preferred the cartoonish arcade like gameplay that titles such as WWF Wrestlefest & WWF Wrestlemania Arcade; there was fair portion of pro wrestling fans who admired the emphasis on realism in games such as WWF Royal Rumble. While it may not have been the most high profile wrestling game from the 90’s its still seen as a classic by many people today.

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