Should Nintendo have made a Super Mario Land 4 during the 90’s?

When we think about popular Mario games that should happened back in the 90’s one of the few titles that comes to mind is Super Mario Land 4. As many people know the Super Mario Land series started on Game Boy back in ‘89 with the final game coming out in ‘94; which also happened to be the very first Wario game ever released. Wario was the main antagonist in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins from ‘92 and was pretty solid villain until Nintendo made him into a anti-hero in the following game. It would have been interesting if Nintendo had decided to give Wario his first game outside of the Super Mario Land series. Nintendo turning Wario into a anti-hero arguably killed the Super Mario Land series which is sad since it could have possibly continued until the late 90’s-early 00’s on Game Boy Color/Advance. If the Super Mario Land series lasted up until early 00’s then Nintendo could have possibly of introduced Waluigi within the series as top villain; opposed to giving him forgettable debut in the Mario Tennis game for the N64 during 2000.

The very first Super Mario Land game from ‘92 was a huge success and it reached at least 18 million worldwide in terms of copies sold. Super Mario Land 2 was also very popular on Game Boy as well mainly because it was something slightly different from what people saw on the SNES in terms of Bowser constantly being the main antagonist. Wario definitely could have remained a villain little bit longer and Nintendo could have dragged the Super Mario Land series out more since Game Boy Color became a huge attraction during the late 90’s. Even though, there is an unlicensed Super Mario Land 4 game that’s playable online many people wish that Nintendo gave us a official release of the game itself back in the 90’s.

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