Should there have been more first person shooters for the NES?

Back in the 80’s and early 90’s 2D action-adventure platform games were very popular along with run and gun titles. One of the genres that was not nearly as popular as others during the 8-bit & 16-bit era of gaming were first person shooters. First person shooters did not become popular on a mainstream level until the 00’s and games such as Duck Hunt felt like it was way ahead of its time. There were 8-bit classics such Freedom Force, Laser Invasion, Hogan’s Alley along with Duck Hunt which made NES gameplay more interesting during the 80’s. Its a known fact that Sega’s Master System despite being more superior in graphics & gameplay was not quite as innovative as Nintendo was in relation to the NES or SNES for that matter. While the NES had its own customized zapper the SNES had features Mode 7 which added to the appeal of both consoles. If anything the SNES should of had more games that utilized the Super Scope zapper since the console had better graphics despite not selling as much as the NES did from ’83-’03.

As far as Nintendo based first person shooters are concerned Duck Hunt was probably one of the most high profile titles from genre making people wonder why a sequel was never made. As impressive as Duck Hunt looked for the NES at the time the game was not really a best seller for the 8-bit console despite how innovative it was. Also, first person games like Duck Hunt really did not have a plot and relied more on players complete a series of objectives which generally seemed uninteresting. Having more first person shooter games for the NES would not have made the 8-bit console anymore of an attraction than it was during the 80’s seeing how the Super Mario Bros & The Legend Of Zelda series blew up in popularity during that time period.

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