Retro Gaming 90’s- GunStar Heroes: (1993)

When we think about popular games from the 16-bit era that appeared on the Sega Genesis outside of the Sonic the Hedgehog series GunStar Heroes is one of the few titles that many people think about. GunStar Heroes was a 2D run and gun game that was popular during a time period where the genre itself was pretty along with the likes of Mega Man X and Contra III: Alien Wars which also came out during the early 90’s for the SNES console. GunStar Heroes was a game developed by a company known as Treasure and published by Sega that was critically acclaimed by many people worldwide following its ’93 release. The GunStar Heroes game looked like something that could have worked in arcade centers because of its co-op multiplayer gameplay something you did not see in games such as MegaMan X. However, the concept of having multiple levels within the game along with the freedom to complete them in whatever order you like was something that similar to Mega Man which was one of the few things that added to its overall excitement. Also, the amount of variety In GunStar Heroes as it pertained to gameplay made the game itself more interesting than your average 2D run and gun game.

In GunStar Heroes levels where they were required to travel back and fourth along with battling enemies in high places such as helicopters to going underground and battling foes in mine carts. Players had the option of utilizing different weapons which all had their own sets of strengths and weaknesses. Some of the weapons players were able to utilize in GunStar Heroes included flamethrowers, machine guns, lighting blasters along with a homing shot; players had the option to choose between a fixed or free fighting stance towards the beginning of GunStar Heroes as they attempt complete the entire game. While the plot was basic and focused on using either GunStar Red or Blue to thwart the plans of an evil empire that seeks world domination through a collection of special gems; the gameplay for GunStar Heroes would make players forget about the lack of depth the storyline had and emphasize the adventurous and unpredictable elements of the game itself. Despite not being a best seller for the 16-bit Genesis console from ’93 onwards GunStar Heroes is still considered to be one of the greatest run and gun games from its era.

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