Should Castlevania have gotten its own arcade game during the 90’s?

Castlevania has been around since the 80’s and is considered to be one of the most legendary video game series of all-time. As far quality is concerned it seems like Konami had some of its best work relation to the series back in the 80’s, 90’s and the early 00’s to some extent with some the Game Boy Advance entries. But when we think about games that stood out the most in the Castlevania series back in day outside of the 80’s titles Such as Super Castlevania IV, Dracula X, Bloodlines along with Symphony Of The Night are all games that instantly come to mind. Seeing how popular the series was back in the 90’s its tough fathom why we never got to see a Castlevania arcade game during that decade. While Konami did eventually release a Castlevania arcade game back in ’09 it was not as popular as it should of been. By the late 00’s going to arcade centers to play video games was not as big as it was during the 90’s mainly because online gaming started to become more popular during that time period. The interesting thing about the Castlevania arcade game from ’09 was the fact that it was considered to be a light gun shooter opposed being an action/platform title.

As many people know platforms were not to common in arcade centers back in the day. However, even Konami had released a light gun shooter Castlevania game back in the 90’s it could have still been a huge attraction like all the others games within the series that Konami had released during that decade. Between ’90-’96 we got to see all kinds of light gun shooter games such as Virtua Cop, House Of The Dead, Lethal Enforcers and Terminator 2: Judgement Day that were attraction in arcade centers in America; there is no doubt that a light gun shooter Castlevania game would have been a wonderful experience seeing how the series remained mainly within the action-platform genre between ’86-’97. But then again just because Castlevania games were probably better off being released exclusively for game systems which may have added to the appeal of the series back in the late 80’s and 90’s.

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