Retro Gaming 00’s- TimeSpliters: (2000)

When we think about first person shooter games that seemed like they were ahead of their time TimeSplitters is a game some would definitely think about instantly. The reason why TimeSpitters seemed like it was ahead of its time was mainly because the first person shooter genre did not necessarily blow up in popularity until around the mid 00’s onwards, following the release of the first two Halo games from ’01-’04 the first person shooter genre was slowly becoming more mainstream as we got closer to the start of the 10’s decade. For those who are unaware developed by Free Radical Design and published by Eidos Interactive and was released for the PlayStation 2 in late October of 2000. The cool thing about TimeSplitters was the fact that it was a game that somewhat resembled GoldenEye 007 for the N64 but it had a different theme which revolved mainly around time travel. Players had the opportunity to journey throughout various locations dating all the way back to the early part of the 20th century to the 2030’s. Also, TimeSplitters was a game that could be as easy or difficult as players wanted it to become since the setting affected the artificial intelligence in relation to dealing with enemies.

Opposed to placing emphasis one just one main character similar to how general first person shooter games do the story in TimeSplitters follows eighteen different protagonists; players got to choose one out of two characters in order to complete certain missions which mainly consisted of collecting certain objects within different levels. In addition, to the main story there were offline gameplay modes such as level designer along with the multiplayer four person “arcade” mode which added to the overall replay value of TimeSplitters. Visuals TimeSplitters looked great for its time and was a game that ended up becoming critically acclaimed while spawning two sequels between ’02-’05. Aside from the likes of the Unreal Tournament from ’99 and Golden 007 which came out in ’97 TimeSplitters was a first person shooter that can be viewed as one that contributed to the rise of popularity within that genre throughout the 00’s decade. It would have been cool to see an HD Remake of the original TimeSplitters game from late ’00 but unfortunately the game’s publisher Eidos Interactive had become defunct by the Spring of 2009. The developer Free Radical Design would also eventually become defunct by the Summer of 2014 leaving the possibility of a remake of any kind out of the question.

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