Retro Gaming 00’s- Star Fox Adventures: (2002)

When we think about classic games for the Nintendo GameCube that appeared back in the early 00’s there are several titles that instantly come to mind. The GameCube era saw the release of famous titles such as Mario Kart: Double Dash, The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Mario Sunshine and many others that were enjoyable classics that people would love to see ported for a current generation console like the Nintendo Switch. But as it pertains to popular games for the Nintendo GameCube many people remember Star Fox Adventures which initially came out back in September 2002. As far as gameplay for Star Fox Adventures was concerned we got something uniquely different. Unlike, the Star Fox games for the SNES & N64 Star Fox Adventures was not only an action-adventure title but it was also a beat em up game as well. While some people saw the inclusion of beat em up gameplay as a positive in Star Fox Adventures fans of older installment criticized because they believed it was not needed. The visuals and character design for Star Fox Adventures were impressive as we saw return of reoccurring characters such as: Fox, Slippy Toad and Falco Lombardi.

It should also be noted that Star Fox Adventures saw the return of Andross as the final boss despite his defeat in the prequel Star Fox 64 eight years prior. The game had an intriguing plot that involved warring tribes in a fictional place known as Dinosaur Planet. While Star Fox Adventures saw the Earthwalker and CloudRunner tribes feud with each other we saw the introduction of a new character who ended up being Fox McCloud’s love interest named Krystal. It turns out that Krystal had a tragic backstory that involved the destruction of her home planet Cerinia along with the death of her parents. In this game Fox McCloud has to retrieve four Spellstones that were stole from the Force Point Temples by an antagonist known as General Scales to prevent the destruction of Dinosaur Planet. Also, Fox McCloud was expected to give Krazoa Spirts in order to return Dinosaur Planet back to normal before he final encounter with Andross.

There were so many things about Star Fox Adventures that were simply impressive from the graphics to the cinematic cutscenes all the way down to the voice acting. Following its release in 2002 Star Fox Adventures had reportedly at least $30 million in America by ’06 and did good in sales during its first week. While Star Fox Adventures has been praised by many critics & fans over the years the game never remastered for any other console outside of GameCube. While Star Fox Adventures may not be considered the best installment within its series it still exceeded many people’s expectations following the release of Star Fox 64 in 1997. However, despite how good Star Fox Adventures was it did not quite the same level of popularity as Star Fox 64.

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