Retro Gaming 00’s- League Of Legends: (2009)

When we think about high profile video games to have appeared on Microsoft Windows during the 00’s decade League Of Legends from 2009 is one that instantly comes to mind. League Of Legends was developed and published by Riot Games and was a multiplayer online battle arena game that has generated an unbelievably large fanbase around the world since the game’s inception. The isometric gameplay coupled with 3D graphics and alluring visuals in League Of Legends were all qualities that captured the attention of many people who were PC gamers throughout the 10’s decade. Also, League Of Legends had various game modes including Co-op vs AI, Normal & Ranked Matchmaking and others that kept players busy and excited as they learned how to improve their skills. The champion concept within League Of Legends is unlike anything an average gamer will see in any video game. As far as quantity is concerned it was reported that as of the year 2020 League Of Legends has over 145 different champion types with multiple options how how different teams choose to battle them. One of the few things that is unique about League Of Legends is how much the game has evolved throughout the 10’s decade especially with the inclusion of special game modes that were around for a limited period of time between 2013-2016.

The level of popularity that League Of Legends has achieved within the past decade is unbelievable especially within the past couple of yeasts. On a monthly basis League Of Legends was averaging around 100 million active players back in 2016. We then fast-forward a few years later and learn from Riot Games that League Of Legends average at least eight million players per day which was revealed by the company back in September 2019. As far as monetary status is concerned League Of Legends has generated billions over the several years. One of the best years League Of Legends as it relates to revenue was ’17 when it generated approximately $2.1 billion. While League Of Legends did not earn as much annual revenue during ’18 or ’19 it still managed to generate at least one billion within each respective year. While League Of Legends reportedly earned $1.4 billion in revenue during 2018 Riot Games saw an increase the following year as the game generated $1.5 billion in 2019. In addition, to being one of the most popular online games of the 10’s decade League Of Legends is a title that is often featured at Esports events; League Of Legends has become a fan favorite in Esports competitions along with the likes of Overwatch, Rocket League and DOTA 2. While everyone had their opinions on what the best online game has been within the past decade or so its almost certain that many people would put League Of Legends within the top ten.

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