Retro Gaming 00’s- Mirror’s Edge: (2008)

When it comes down to innovative action-adventure platform titles from the 00’s decade one of the few titles instantly comes to mind is Mirror’s Edge from 2008. Mirror’s Edge was developed by Swedish game maker EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts and was a title where the setting of the game took place within a unnamed utopian-like city controlled by a totalitarian government. This game had a female protagonist in her early 20’s named Faith Connors who is against the totalitarian government and their regulations. Connor’s perception of the city’s government was mainly shaped by what happened to her parents who were killed off for being protesters against the established regime eighteen years prior to the setting of the game. As players progress throughout the game they eventually learn that Faith’s sister Kate has been framed for the murder of the Pope. Despite, her innocence Kate is seen as the assailant for the crime while Faith tries to find answers regarding circumstances surrounding the Pope’s death. Faith eventually learns from a former Runner named “Jacknife” that the Pope’s assassination may have been planned by the head of his security force who is a former wrestler named Travis Burfield.

In addition, to learning the assassination of the Pope players learn about the conspiracy between his security force and the police in regards to cracking down on Runners such as Faith through a parkour program known as “Project Icarus”. It turns out that Project Icarus was designed to train people in parkour to eliminate the Runners. While learning more about the true extent regarding the corruption of the city’s totalitarian government Faith eventually tries to set her sister Kate free with the help of some friends after she is convicted of the Pope’s murder. Not only did Mirrors Edge have an interesting plot full of twists and turns the game itself was a visual masterpiece especially since it utilized the Unreal Engine 3. Mirror’s Edge give players control of Faith Connors from a first person perspective as they have the ability to traverse throughout the city using parkour moves on various buildings & rooftops. The cool thing about Mirrors Edge was the fact that the a game achieved such a high profile during a time period where first person shooters had become increasingly popular.

Its no secret that the 00’s was the decade of the shooter genre of gaming and seeing a action-adventure platform title from a first person perspective was something that kinda new at the time. If Mirror’s Edge was played from a third person perspective it may not have been as popular as it was following its release in November 2008. Also, as impressive as parkour may be there was really no high profile video games like Mirror’s Edge that combined such a activity with a storyline that had a dark & serious tone. Mirror’s Edge was praised by various fans & critics following its release over a decade ago and is still considered to be one of the best action-adventure platform titles from 2008.

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