Retro Gaming 00’s- Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness (2003)

As far as top RPG’s from the 00’s are concerned one of the few high profile titles from that decade that the world got a chance to see outside of the Final Fantasy series was Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness which was released back in 2003. Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness was developed and initially published by Nippon Ichi Software in Japan before being released in other countries such as America and Europe between 2003-2004. As far as tactical role-playing games are concerned Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness was arguably one of the most creative titles within in its genre in the 00’s especially considering the robust in-game mechanics that it had. Players had the opportunity of controlling both monsters and humanoids while capturing their enemies and destroying their units on grid-like maps. The Geo Panel game mechanic was something that people were definitely intrigued by especially since they were generally simple for the most part.

The chaining of aspect of the Geo Panels had added an element of excitement to the game since it offered fortunate rewards for players who successfully completed the puzzles. The story for Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness started of tragic as players discovered main protagonist Laharl who is the son of King Kercheskoy had passed way following his battle with Baal The Lord Of Terror. Players also find out that another key character in the game known as Flonne is sent by one of antagonist’s named Sepraph Lamington to assassinate Kercheskoy before she herself learned about the King’s death. Following the death of his father Laharl loses his mother and Flonne eventually joins him on his quest to become a King.

Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness not only had creative yet somewhat tedious gameplay but the inclusion of multiple endings was something that added to the overall replay value of the game itself. The storyline for Disgaea: HOD was not only dark but the main character Laharl had attributes that made him appear more like an anti-hero opposed to a traditional & virtuous hero. Laharl’s arrogant demeanor and his distain for love due to how he lost his mother. Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness seemed like it was more of an attraction in Japan for the PlayStation 2 than it was in countries like America despite the game being considered an RPG masterpiece by fans and critics. Since its release back in the early 00’s Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness has went on to appear on various game consoles such as the PSP, Nintendo DS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch within the past 15 years of its release. Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness is considered to be legendary since its the first game within its series. Also, as a tactical role-playing game some would argue that it was the best game to have been released in the early 00’s since Final Fantasy Tactics came out for the PS1 in 1997.

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