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Should Nintendo have made crossplay an option between the 3DS & Switch consoles?

As many people know the Nintendo 3DS product line along with the Switch console have been very popular throughout the 10’s decade. Ever since the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL console were both released back between 2011-2012 they managed to reach over 74 million units in sales which is something the world had learned back later part of 2018. There were games such such as Mario Kart 7 which came out in ’11 which reached over 18 million units in sales that would have been cool to see ported the Nintendo Switch for features such crossplay. But at the same time the Nintendo Switch came out in 2017 and by then the Nintendo 3DS was starting to become old.

Its also no secret that the Nintendo 3DS was way more popular than the Wii-U during the 10’s decade and its possible that porting top 3DS titles to the Nintendo Switch for crossplay would definitely take some shine off newer games such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odessey and other big games that came out during 2017. In this case the lack of backwards compatibility for the Switch console worked in Nintendo’s favor seeing how it has managed to hit 32 million units in sales in just two years. To be honest there was no need for crossplay between the Nintendo 3DS and the Switch and its unlikely that Nintendo will ever make it an option during future.

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