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Metroid Prime 4 reportedly scrapped for redevelopment!!!!

As far as news within the gaming world is concerned this is a rather interesting development in relation to the highly anticipated Metroid Prime 4 game that was set to appear on the Nintendo Switch. It has recently be reported that the current project regarding Metroid Prime 4 has been dropped despite the game being a big deal back at E3 2017 and redevelopment for the game will now occur with Retro Studios the masterminds behind the creation of the Metroid Prime Trilogy between 2002-2007. Its was reported that previous project for Metroid Prime 4 fell below Nintendo’s expectations which means game may not come out until 2022-2023. There is no question that many fans of the Metroid series are unhappy about the news concerning this upcoming action-adventure game.

However, its understandable that Nintendo wants to provide the best quality in relation to the development of Metroid Prime 4. Also, time has shown that the more time Nintendo puts into a project the more impressive the finished product end up being which was the case when we got Metroid Prime back in 2002 which was the first major game within the series that we saw nine years after Super Metroid was released for the SNES. There is almost no question that Metroid Prime 4 will end up becoming one the best action-adventure games of the 2020’s decade once its released for the Nintendo Switch its just a matter of when game will be released.

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