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Should Capcom make HD Remakes of the Street Fighter EX games?

As far as underrated fighting games from the past are concerned allot of people know that the Street Fighter EX series was underrated. The Street Fighter EX games that were released between 1996-2000 were not quite as popular as the 2D titles that Capcom released within the SF series but they were definitely interesting. Since the Street Fighter EX series it seems like we have never seen 3D games within Capcom’s legendary franchise since then and its something that the company will most likely never do again. As far as Capcom making HD remakes of the Street Fighter EX games are concerned it seems like something that will ever happen.In fact, most people enjoy the more recent games within the series such as Street Fighter V and are looking forward to seeing titles such as Tekken X Street Fighter in the future. The Street Fighter EX de should be left in the past as some of the most popular 3D fighting games of its time during the mid to late 90’s.

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