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Is discontinuing the production of the SNES Classic a good idea?

As many people might already know Nintendo will soon be discontinuing the SNES Classic. This comes after the SNES Classic has been available in retail for over a year since its initial release back in late September 2017. Since then, the SNES Classic has gained a ton of mainstream attention and has managed to reach over five million units in sales worldwide. In fact, the SNES Classic was considered to be more successful than the NES Classic and there was speculation on whether or not it could have possibly reached 10 million in sales before 2020 which seems unlikely to happen now that we know that Nintendo will longer produce the mini version of the 16-bit console.

On one hand discontinuing the production of the SNES Classic does not seem like such a great idea considering how popular it still is. However, there is no question that Nintendo wants more people to focus more on the Switch console and the upcoming games that are expected to appear on the hybrid game system such as Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3, Fire Emblem: The Three Houses and others. Besides once Nintendo stops producing SNES Classic Mini consoles it value will most likely increase especially since it was available in retail for a limited time in comparison to the lines of the PS4 and the Xbox One which have both been available for over five years now. U

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