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Final Fantasy VIII (1999) vs Final Fantasy XI (2002) which game was more underrated?

When it comes down to underrated video games within the Final Fantasy series both FFVIII along with FFXI both come to mind. Even though, Final Fantasy VIII was considered to be one of the best selling video games for the PS1 and was the direct sequel to the highly successful FFVII game that came out in 1997. Despite, the issues people had with Final Fantasy VIII such as the game freezing on certain disks the game still had a solid storyline and has reportedly managed to reach over 8.5 million copies worldwide in relation to lifetime sales. In fact, Final Fantasy VIII is a game that everyone wants to see a high definition remake for in the near future which is something that should of been done many years ago.

Final Fantasy XI on the other hand was the first major MMORPG title within the series. While FFXI had nice visuals and various expansion packs that added to its appeal one of the main drawbacks about it was the lengthy and sometimes very frustrating installation process. Also, the lack of PvP in Final Fantasy XI was somewhat of a letdown to many people following its release back in late 2002 as well. Despite, how popular Final Fantasy XI was as an MMORPG it seems like the series was and still is more suited for traditional RPG gameplay. In terms which Final Fantasy game was more underrated overall many would be more inclined to choose FFVIII over FFXI.

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