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Would the Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition be an attraction on the Nintendo Switch?

As many people know tomorrow will mark the two year anniversary regarding the release of Final Fantasy XV which came out in November 2016. Since then there are many people who wondered whether or not the game would be attraction for the Nintendo Switch. After all, titles like Final Fantasy VII, FFX and FFXII are expected to appear on the Switch console next year and its safe to say that having FFXV on the hybrid console would be just as interesting. Since its release Final Fantasy XV has managed to sell over 8.1 million units worldwide and is considered be one of the most popular Action-RPG’s of the 10’s decade.

While Final Fantasy XV would be nice to see on the Nintendo Switch its possible that the game would be overshadowed by the first party titles that are already available for that game system such as Super Mario Odessey, Zelda: Breath of the Wild and many others. Also, there are not too many titles on the Nintendo Switch that utilizes the Luminous game engine but if the Final can handle the lines of the Unreal Engine than running Final Fantasy XV In this console should be no problem whatsoever. Until, Square Enix announces Final Fantasy XV for the Nintendo Switch it seems unlike that this Action-RPG will ever ported for this console anytime in the near future.

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