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Super Tecmo Bowl (1991) vs NFL Blitz (1997) which game was more popular?

When it comes down to classic football titles from the 90’s both Super Tecmo Bowl along with NFL Blitz are two titles that instantly comes to mind seeing how popular they both were during that decade. While Super Tecmo Bowl remained close to the format of traditional football NFL Blitz was more hardcore where emphasis was placed on destroying other players in the field. While Super Tecmo Bowl had inferior graphics compared to NFL Blitz it had features such as the option to play pre-season or throughout the regular season with any team while giving players the option to choose which style of gameplay to utilize.

Super Tecmo Bowl was a game that should have been ported for the Super NES opposed to remaining on the 8-bit console as a NES exclusive. Despite, its abysmal quality in comparison to NFL Blitz there is no question that Super Tecmo Bowl was a better football game. In fact, Super Tecmo Bowl has more of a cult following than NFL Blitz ever did despite the game being released almost three decade ago.

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