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Could Ducktales have been more successful on the SNES in the early 90’s?

For those who were retro gamers who grew up during the 8-bit era of gaming back in the 80’s you probably remember many classic games that appeared on the NES back in the day. As far as the action-platformer genre of gaming is concerned there are many people who consider the Ducktales game developed and published by Capcom an underrated classic following its release back in 1989. Along with impressive level designs Ducktales had a cool soundtrack and even spawned a direct sequel which also appear on the SNES console in 1993. What is strange about the Ducktales game along with its sequel was the fact that neither one of those titles were ever ported the SNES.

While the NES console was starting to become obsolete in the early 90’s Ducktales 2 could have definitely shined more on the SNES. But since Ducktales 2 was less popular than the original NES title it could have ended up being a flop seeing how many big SNES games were out by ’93 including F-Zero, Mega Man X and others. As far as the Ducktales title from ’89 is concerned if Capcom has waited maybe another year and released it for the SNES the game could have ended being a decent attraction on the 16-bit console as a third party game.

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