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Will Street Fighter V reach 3 million in sales during 2019?

There is no question that Street Fighter V was one of the most high profile fighting titles that came out during 2016. Since its initial release for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One two years ago Street Fighter V has managed to sell over 2 million copies worldwide. It was reported not too long ago that Street Fighter V is very close to reaching 3 million in sales but that is something that seems unlikely this year as 2018 is almost over. Its possible that Street Fighter V will reach 3 million sales before the start of next year due to holidays such as Black Friday and Christmas which are both right around the corner. However, there are more popular fighting games out there right now such as Dragonball FighterZ, Injustice 2 and others which many people want to get their hands on.

If Street Fighter V does not reach 3 million copies in sales before the end of 2018 then most likely hit reach the amount by 2019. As of right now it seems like Capcom is not going to release a Street Fighter VI anytime in the near future so Street Fighter V is an entry that fans of the series can enjoy for the next few years.

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