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Could the PS Vita have been more successful if it was backwards compatible?

Ever since the PlayStation Vita was released back in late 2013 the handheld came system has been considered a flop in relation to sales. While the PSP which was released back in late 2004 managed to reach approximately 82 million units worldwide in sales the PlayStation Vita only managed to hit 16 million between 2013-2018. Despite, selling more than game systems such as the Nintendo Wii-U and the Sega Dreamcast the PlayStation Vita still fell below the expectations of many people in relation to sales. Some argue that backwards compatibility could have made the PlayStation Vita more valuable especially considering how popular the Nintendo 3DS has been since 2011.

Besides it arguable that the PSP has better games than the Vita such as Grand Theft Auto: Library City, Monster Hunter World Freedom Unite, Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories and more that many people would have loved to have played on the PS Vita. Despite, having titles such as Persona 5 Golden, Gravity Rush and Metal Gear Solid HD on the Vita backwards compatibility could have definitely added to the appeal of the handheld game system especially considering the fact that this feature was not present for the PlayStation 4 either.

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