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Will the upcoming Unreal Tournament game be ported to the PS4 & Xbox One?

As some people already know Epic Games is supposed to be releasing another Unreal Tournament game sometime in the future. As currently stands we have no release date for this upcoming first person shooter title and its uncertain whether or not it will be appearing for the PlayStation 4 or even the Xbox One. However, we do know that this upcoming Unreal Tournament game will be available for Microsoft Windows along with the fact that the 20th Anniversary for the series is coming up next year in November 2019. Seeing how big this upcoming Unreal Tournament game is going to be once its released there is no question that at some point Epic Games will probably bring it to the Xbox One or the PS4 as well.

Also, if Epic Games considers porting this upcoming Unreal Tournament game to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One or the Nintendo Switch then cross-platform gaming is a feature that would sound very appealing for this title seeing how popular it has recently become over the past year. Also, one of the last major games in the series Unreal Tournament 3 which came out in 2007 was released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in ’08 and its a title that was worth having if you were a fan of first person shooters in general. Its possible we will learn more details about this Unreal Tournament game in next year if Epic Games decides to provide more details about it.

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