There is no question that Sonic Adventure 2 was probably one of the biggest action-adventure platform titles to never have appeared on the PlayStation 2 back in the early 00’s. Despite, being a huge attraction for the Nintendo Gamecube and the Xbox consoles between ’01-’03 it would have been interesting to see how well Sonic Adventure would have done on the PS2 would have done during that time period. While its possible that Sonic Adventure 2 could have been overshadowed by games such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Turismo 3 during the early 00’s there is no doubt that Sonic Adventure 2 could have stood on the PlayStation 2 to some extent.

After all, Sega eventually ported Sonic Adventure 2 to the PlayStation 3 during the mid 00’s. Besides the shooter genre of gaming was starting to become more popular towards the mid 00’s and as we saw 3D Sonic games started to become less popular on PlayStation consoles throughout the 00’s decade in general. Not having Sonic Adventure 2 on the PS2 did not make the game less popular than it was since it still managed to be a success along with becoming arguably the best 3D title in the series.

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