Would a GTA game based on today’s era be too controversial?

As of right now there is so much talk about whether or not Grand Theft Auto V one of the best selling games of the 10’s decade will have a direct sequel in the future. The idea of releasing a GTA 6 game that satirizes the modern day Trump-era is one that does not seem like a good idea at all. In fact, there would be so much controversy to a point where it could possibly tarnish the image RockStar Games on a public level. With key issues in today’s society such as racism and sexism it would almost be impossible to make a GTA game based on today’s era without drawing any type of heat or backlash from American society. Seeing how the GTA series has attracted a diverse fan base since the early 2000’s consisting of millions of people a game based on today’s era could end up being a disaster if not handled correctly.

Also, some can argue that the Grand Theft Auto series basically glorifies criminal conduct which is something our current President and is administration is strongly against which leaves the possibility of a potential GTA 6 game up in the air. It will be interesting to see if RockStar plans on going forward with release Grand Theft Auto VI within the next few years. If RockStar decides not to release a GTA 6 anytime soon then the series may have to take a hiatus due to the current state of American society in general.

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