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Could the SNES have sold more than GameCube during the early 00’s?

As many people on the SNES is one of Nintendo’s most popular game systems ever. Since its release back in 1990 the SNES has managed to sell over 49 million units worldwide which was very impressive at the time. Most recently the SNES Classic has managed to reach over 5 million units in sales since its initial release back in late September 2017. Seeing how popular the SNES was and still today there are some who question whether or not the SNES could have been a success back in the early 00’s. After all, we saw how popular the Game Boy Advance was during back in the early 00’s and it was about the closest thing that we got to a portable 16-bit console during that time period.

On one hand the SNES could have been a success in the 00’s if Nintendo retained games such as Super Metroid, Super Mario World, Mega Man X, Final IV-VI and others along with having Pokémon games on the 16-bit console. The inclusion of Pokémon games for the Game Boy Advance was one of the main reasons why the portable 32-bit console was so popular back in the 00’s. Without the Pokémon series the Game Boy Advance may not have reached over 81 million units in sales. If the SNES was initially released in the early 00’s opposed to 1990 its possible that it could have still sold more than GameCube. But then again this was a time period where 3D gaming was starting to become more popular and retro gamers turned to the GBA for nostalgic purposes in relation to 2D gameplay that reminded them of the SNES console. During the 00’s the SNES would have had more competition to deal with opposed to the early 90’s so its very hard to say whether or not it could have surpassed the GameCube in sales during that time period.

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