Sonic CD (1993) vs Sonic Advance 3 (2004) which game was better?

When we think about some of the best 2D Sonic games ever made aside from the 16 bit trilogy on the Sega Genesis during the early 90’s titles such as Sonic CD along with Sonic Advance 3 comes to mind. When Sonic CD was released for Sega CD back in ’93 many people were impressed by the game’s amazing graphics and gameplay especially in relation to the special stages which utilized a Mode 7 like effect that you would see on SNES titles such as F-Zero. Shortly following its release Sonic CD was praised by fans and critics alike and was considered to be a underrated gem within the series especially since Amy Rose made her debut in that game.

We also got to see the debut of Metal Sonic along with the inclusion of animated cutscenes which made Sonic CD very special. In addition to all of those things Sonic CD was the first game within the series to include the element of time travel something that should of been used in more games within the series. As popular as Sonic CD was during the 90’s it would be tough to argue that it has better gameplay than Sonic Advance 3.

While Sonic CD definitely had more superior visuals Sonic Advance 3 had multiple characters to choose from including Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit. Following its release ’04 Sonic Advance 3 was considered to be one of the best side scrolling platform titles for the Game Boy Advance. In fact, shortly after its release June 2004 the game managed to sell over one million copies worldwide.

While Sonic Advance 3 was very fun to play on the Game Boy Advance it came after the golden years of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. As far which game was better overall some would give the edge to Sonic CD over Sonic Advance 3 simply because it was one of the games along with the Genesis trilogy that made Sonic the character a household name. Also, Sonic CD is basically the game that marked the birth of Sonamy which is considered to be legendary within series.


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