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Should there have been a direct sequel for Sonic CD?

When we think about the top games within the Sonic the Hedgehog series that deserved a direct sew one of the many titles that comes to mind is Sonic CD. Ever since, its release back in ’93 Sonic CD was considered to be legendary especially due to the fact that it was the game that saw the birth of SonAmy along with the debut of Metal Sonic. While Sonic CD had a climatic ending there are some people who believe that the game should of had a sequel of some sort seeing how popular it was during the early 90’s. Instead of releasing Sonic 3D Blast the idea of having a Sonic CD 2 for the Sega Saturn would have been interesting between ’95-’96.

In fact, a sequel to Sonic CD would have been perfect for the Sega Dreamcast. Even though, Sonic Adventure was a fun game to play in ’98 the plot was not as interesting as the one for Sonic CD. But then again its hard to imagine what a Sonic CD 2 game would look like in 3D. Either way, Sonic CD definitely deserved a direct sequel of some sort preferably with similar 2D gameplay and graphics.

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