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Should there have been a Comix Zone game for Dreamcast?

When we think about classic games from the Sega Genesis during the early 90’s that did not have a sequel one of the top games that instantly comes to mind is Comix Zone. There is no doubt that Comix Zone was such a unique beat em up game that deserved a sequel and it was probably one of the titles that Sega missed out on as far as turning it into a series is concerned. While 2D gaming was starting to get old around 1998 there are some who wonder whether or not a 3D Comix Zone title could have worked on the Sega Dreamcast. On one hand seeing a 3D Comix Zone would have been interesting.

On the other hand having a Comix Zone game in 3D could of ended up being a disaster if Sega strayed to far away from the formula which made the 1995 title a success. A 2D sequel of Comix Zone would have definitely been something worth checking out on the Sega Dreamcast between the 1998-2000 time period. But as we all know Sega has shown hardly any interest whatsoever in turning Comix Zone into a series.

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