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Will Soul Calibur 6 have more success than Dead or Alive 6 in 2019?

As we all know both Soul Calibur 6 along with Dead or Alive 6 are two of the biggest fighting titles that are expected to appear on on the PlayStation 4 along with the Xbox One in 2019. The question on everyone mind is how good each game is along with which one is going to sell more following its release. Both the Soul Calibur and the Dead or Alive series have been around since the 90’s and they both have its share of long time fans. Some would argue that Soul Calibur 6 has received more mainstream attention as of late than Dead or Alive 6. But then again the fact that the Dead or Alive series is not as mainstream as Soul Calibur might be something that adds to the overall appeal of DOA6.

As of right now it’s still too early to predict which game is going to have more success in 2019. However, it would not be surprising if Soul Calibur 6 ends up selling more than Dead or Alive 6 especially since its a game that pethave been waiting to see since Soul Calibur V was released back in 2012. For years it was uncertain whether or not we were ever going to get another Soul Calibur game at all. Also, considering the fact that Soul Caliber 6 will be revisiting the events from the original game from ’98 in relation to secrets and untold truths its a game that is definitely worth checking out next year.

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