When we think about countless classic JRPG’s that have been seen as the best video games ever within the past three decades most of those games were developed by Square Enix. Over the past three decades Square Enix have given us games such as Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts II, Super Mario Bros RPG, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana and many others. Final Fantasy VII was one of the best selling RPG titles of the 90’s reaching over 11 million units worldwide in sales overall. When it comes down to developing high quality top of the notch RPG video games Square Enix rarely ever disappoints and seemed to have no equal in competition.

As far as RPG’s in general are concerned many would argue that Capcom has proved to be decent competition for Square Enix with the developer of games such as Resident Evil 2-4 a most recently Monster Hunter World which as released back in the later part of January 2018. Along Capcom Bethesda has given us Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim back in 2011 which is seen as one of the best RPG’s of the 10’s decade. Video game developer Atlas has given us games like Persona 5 in 2016 along with every other game within the series that came before it since the late 90’s. However, Square Enix have been developing RPG’s since the NES days of the 80’s and since they have specialized in developing games within that genre for about three decades now it would be safe to say that the company is quite possibly the very best at what they do.

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