Final Fantasy X (2001) vs Final Fantasy XIII (2009) which game was more popular?


As many people know we got to see many awesome high profile RPG titles throughout the 2000’s decade. In relation to the Final Fantasy series one of the most popular RPG titles of the 00’s that we saw on the PlayStation 2 was Final Fantasy X. As many people know Final Fantasy X ended up becoming one of the best selling video games for the PS2 back in the early 00’s as it reached over 8 million copies worldwide. The addition of a new in-game mechanics such as the Conditional Turn Based Battle System (CTB) which replaced the Active Time Battle System (ATB) provided players with a different gaming experience in contrast to what they were generally used to seeing the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy X was so popular on the PS2 following its release it eventually received a sequel back 2003 known as Final Fantasy X-2 where the iconic trio known as the Gullwings made their debut. Final Fantasy X-2 was also praised by various gaming publications as well since it had a much to offer a Final Fantasy X did. Both Final Fantasy X & X-2 eventually went on to sell over 14 million copies worldwide for the PlayStation 2 together. Final Fantasy X & X-2 is widely regarded as two of the best 3D RPG titles that Square Enix has made during the 00’s. In fact, both Final Fantasy X & X-2 were both so popular they received HD remakes for the PS3 and the PS4 in late 2013.


Final Fantasy XIII was also a big RPG that Square Enix released between late 2009-early 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. Many people loved the visuals for Final Fantasy XIII along with the inclusion of the traditional Active Time Battle (ATB) battle system that was used for this game. The addition features such as the “Crystarium” along with the “Paradigm” system was something new that long time fans of the FF series were not used to seeing in relation to developing the skills and abilities of the characters. While some people complained about the features in relation to the leveling system others were able to easily adapt to quite well. As of last year it was reported Final Fantasy XIII had managed to sell over 7 million copies worldwide since its release back 2009.


Following the initial popularity & success of Final Fantasy XIII we got to see a direct sequel to the game entitled Final Fantasy XIII-2 which some people may prefer over Final Fantasy XIII in terms of gameplay. Despite, not selling as much as Final Fantasy XIII there was no doubt that FFXIII-2 was also very popular following its release between late 2011-early 2012. Since its release Final Fantasy XIII-2 had reportedly sold over 3.7 million units worldwide and was one of the most enjoyable RPG titles of the early 10’s. While both Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy XIII were very impressive along with their direct sequels as far as popularity is concerned many would probably give FFX the edge over FFXIII. Final Fantasy X seemed to have more memorable characters along with being within the top five best selling games of arguably the greatest game console of the 2000’s the PlayStation 2.

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