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Was KOF ‘98 SNK’s Best Fighting Game Ever?

Wait comes down to big fighting titles from the 90’s one of the most high profile game that comes to mind as from the Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat series is King of Fighters ’98. Since its initial release in arcade centers in 1998 King of Fighters ’98 was ported for the Neo Geo along with the Neo Geo CD exclusively in Japan. While King of Fighters ’98 was ported for the Sega Dreamcast and released in America in 1999 it was recently re-released for the Nintendo Switch back in March 2017. King of Fighters ’98 is generally praised for its 2D gameplay and graphics along with the improved gaming mechanics that it had in comparison to its predecessor.

While King of Fighters ’98 is criticized by some for its lack of story its still seen as one of the best fighting titles of the late 90’s. However, to say that King of Fighters ’98 was the best fighting game that SNK has ever made is highly debatable. Some would probably prefer titles such as Samurai Showdown II and the Last Blade II as being potentially better 2D fighting games overall. However, it seems like King of Fighters ’98 is not only more recognized than many other fighting titles that SNK has produced but its also one of the few games that can give some of Capcom Street Fighter games a run for its money.

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