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Upcoming Switch Games- Bastion (2018)

There are so many upcoming titles that the world is looking forward to seeing on various game consoles as we get closer to 2019. One of the many games to be on the lookout for on the Nintendo Switch is a action-adventure role playing title developed and published by Supergiant Games entitled Bastion. This game is rather interesting since the plot involves as players trying to understand the secrets of a Calamity that has devastated the world. Also, the fact that Bastion has reactive narrative along with players exploring up to 40 different hand painted environments also makes this action adventure role playing title worth checking out especially since the game has its share of unlockables that adds to the value of game overall.

After completing the main story for Bastion players will unlock New Game Plus and Score Attack Mode which is definitely worth the effort. For those who are interested in purchasing this action adventure role playing game it will be available on September 13th for $14.99. It will be interesting to see how popular this game will become shortly after its release in September.

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