Will there ever be a sequel to Sailor Moon Another Story?


When it comes down to underrated 2D role playing video games from the 90’s Sailor Moon Another was considered to be somewhat of a hidden gem for the SNES following its release back in the mid 90’s. For those who do not know Sailor Moon Another Story was developed and published by a video game company called Angel and released exclusively in Japan back in 1995. The game had a storyline involving a sorceress named Apsu along with the Opposito Soldiers as the main antagonists who seek to obtain the Silver Crystal by altering time. The plot for Sailor Moon Another Story was rather interesting not only because it had multiple endings but storyline looked like something that could have worked in the actual anime.


While many fans of the Sailor Moon series would love to see a direct sequel to this game it seems unlikely that it will ever happen. Ever since Sailor Moon Another Story was released back in 1995 we never saw another game in the SM series like it. In fact, Sailor Moon Another Story was never released in America back in the 90’s despite how popular the show was on Fox Kids and Toonami. While the Sailor Moon series is not quite as popular as it was during the 90’s seeing a direct sewage to SM: Another Story would definitely turn heads within the gaming world.

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