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Could Tekken 3 have been a success on Sega Dreamcast?


When it comes down to 3D fighting titles from the 90’s the Tekken series was very big on the PS1. Following the release of Tekken 3 in arcade centers in 1997 the game was extremely popular and it quickly became one of the best selling video games for the PS1 after 1998 reaching over 8 million units worldwide. The visuals, graphics and gameplay seemed ahead of its time during the late 90’s and there are some who believed that it would have looked better on the Sega Dreamcast. However, considering the fact that the Tekken series started out on the PS1 and remained exclusive on that console throughout the 90’s shows how popular Sony’s console was at the time.


In theory Tekken 3 could have been popular on the Sega Dreamcast but Sega’s console was not as popular as the PS1. During the 90’s console wars Dreamcast seemed like it was behind both the Nintendo 64 and the PS1 and some of its biggest fighting titles were 2D games such as Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike along with Capcom vs SNK. The biggest 3D fighting title that we probably got to see on the Sega Dreamcast was Soul Calibur but other then that there were hardly any game on that console that resembled Tekken 3. It’s possible that Tekken 3 could have been a success on Dreamcast but not to the extent that it was for the PS1.

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