Could Final Fantasy X have worked on GameCube during the early 00’s?

As many people know Final Fantasy X was one of the most popular RPG’s of the 00’s. Since its initial release for the PlayStation 2 back in July 2001 Final Fantasy X has managed to sell at least 8 million worldwide foe the PlayStation 2. In fact, Final Fantasy X is considered to be within the top five of the best selling games for the PlayStation 2 in general. As popular as Final Fantasy X was for the PS2 there are many who wonder whether or not this game could have also been a huge success on the Nintendo GameCube as well.

In theory, Final Fantasy X could have definitely have ended being one of the best video games aside from the first party Mario titles on the Nintendo GameCube . However, the relationship between Nintendo and Square Enix was still a bit rocky during the early 00’s. Also, Square Enix was more interesting with doing business with Sony and Nintendo’s relationship with that company was not too good following the fallout both companies had back the 90’s.

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