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Should F-Zero GX be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

The idea of seeing F-Zero GX on the Nintendo Switch would be like a dream come true to many people who are fans of the series. Ever since, the early 00’s the world has been waiting to see a sequel to F-Zero GX which unfortunately we never got. F-Zero was arguably one of the best racing titles for the Nintendo GameCube and some would probably put the game above Mario Kart Double Dash which was also released in 2003. There were features that F-Zero GX had that made it stand out from other racing titles such as Mario Kart: Double Dash on the Nintendo Gamecube.

F-Zero not only had challenging AI during the races but the cutscenes and character endings in the Story Mode caught many people by surprise during that time. While it seems like we are never going to see a sequel for F-Zero GX having on the Nintendo Switch would probably be the next best thing at this point.

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