Should Metroid Prime be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

When it comes down to classics for the Nintendo GameCube that deserves to be ported for the Nintendo Switch Metroid Prime is a game that some would like probably be in the ten. Following its release in November 2002 Metroid Prime had managed to sell over 2.8 million copies worldwide in the Nintendo GameCube. In fact Metroid Prime was one of the best action adventure games of the early 00’s and is considered a timeless by many people.

While seeing Metroid Prime on the Nintendo Switch would be awesome the world is still waiting for Metroid Prime 4 to appear on the hybrid console sometime in 2018. If Metroid Prime was released for the Nintendo Switch it would most likely be overshadowed by Metroid Prime 4. As of right now Nintendo has no plans making a remastered version of Metroid Prime for the Nintendo Switch but that can easily change as time passes.

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