Should Super Mario Sunshine be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

When it comes down to one of the best selling games for the Nintendo GameCube Super Mario Sunshine is definitely in the top five. Ever since Super Mario Sunshine was first released back in August 2002 the game has managed to sell 6.3 million copies worldwide. As popular as Super Mario Sunshine was for GameCube back in the 00’s the game was never remastered for the Nintendo Wii or the Wii-U since its initial release.

The idea of having a remastered version of Super Mario Sunshine on the Nintendo Switch sounds really cool. However, there is always a possibility that Super Mario Sunshine will be overshadowed by Super Mario Odessey which is currently one of the most popular games on the Nintendo Switch right now. If Nintendo has any ideas on bring Super Mario Sunshine to The Nintendo Switch it would probably take a while for it to actually to happen.

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