Could Ridge Racers 2 have worked on the PS2 in the 00’s?

When we think about racing titles from the 09’s there many games that comes to mind such Gran Turismo III-VI, Race Driver: Grid, Forza Motorsport I-III, etc. However, there are games such as Ridge Racers I & II for the PlayStation Portable that was never released for the PS2. While having Ridge Racers I & II released for the PS2 would have made more sense those games could have easily have been overshadowed by many other racing titles that have gained more popularity throughout the 00’s decade.

As good as the Ridge Racer gamers were in the 00’s the series did not feel as popular as it was when it first started during the early 90’s. The Ridge Racers series definitely has more competition as far as 3D racing titles are concerned during the 00’s. Having the PSP versions of Ridge Racers I & II helped both games standout more and were both attractive titles to own for those who had a PlayStation Portable.

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