Super R Type (1991) vs Star Fox (1993) which game was more successful?

When it comes down to rail shooting games of the early 90’s both Super R Type along with Star Fox are two popular games that stands out. For the SNES Super R Type was arguably one of the most difficult rail shooters ever made. There are some people who have a ton of trouble get pass the first two stages let a along complete Super R Type in its entirety. Super R Type was a rail shooter title that was much more difficult than it actually looked which was one of the few things that added to its overall appeal back in the early 90’s.

Star Fox on the other hand was a different type of rail shooter game. One of the main things that added to the appeal of Star Fox was the use of polygonal Super FX graphics which was something that was new back in 1993. Since it’s release Star Fox had managed to sell over four million copies on the SNES by the late 90’s and is generally regarded as one of the best SNES games ever made. In terms of which game was more successful some would probably give the edge to Star Fox over Super R Type for the SNES.

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