Final Fantasy Tactics Advance vs Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga which RPG was better?

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how many cool RPG titles where released for the Game Boy Advance back in the early 00’s. Both Final Fantasy Advance Tactics along with Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga were both released in 2003. Also, both games are considered to be classics that would be difficult for most people to track down in a used game stores today. When it comes down to RPG titles Square Enix almost never fails impress the gaming community with their creations and Final Fantasy Advance Tactics is just an example of that. Final Fantasy Advance Tactics not only went on to sell over one million units worldwide was seen by critics as one of the best handheld RPG titles of 2003-2004.

Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga was also a pretty cool game as well. Aside from Paper Mario the Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga game was one of the more recognizable role playing games in the Mario series following RPG title for SNES which came out in 1996. Also, the fact that the plot took place outside the Mushroom Kingdom with the addition Bowser siding with Mario & Luigi against a the main villain Cackletta was also very interesting as well. Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga also managed to reach over one million units worldwide in terms of sales and was an RPG that was critically acclaimed by various gaming publications as well. In terms of which RPG title is better is highly debatable since it’s hard to choose one game over the other.

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  1. Definitely M&L Superstar saga, as it has a solid map and boss design, even when it’s a bit short. The final boss is truly amazing and very well designed. It’s the kind of RPG I’d recommend to people that dislike RPGs

    FFTA on the other hand, is a pretty good SRPG; but not as good as Fire Emblem, probably the best SRPG on GBA. Besides, the story is a ripoff of Michael Ende’s Neverending Story

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