Super Mario Odyssey (2)

As many of us know Mario has been around since the 80’s.  Since the NES days of gaming Mario has generally had video games in mainly within the platform genre.  However, we have seen Mario in various types of games dealing with different genres such as sports, fighting and even party.  In this day and age first and third person shooter games are very popular and it has seeming been this way since the 00’s.  Looking back at the 00’s and early 10’s it seems like Nintendo has never really done anything with the Mario series in relation to shooter genre of gaming.

Super Mario Galaxy (2)

As we are all aware Nintendo is supposed to more family friendly in comparison to Microsoft and Sony.  Depending who you are  the Mario series seemed like its always been family friendly.  However, there have been countless jokes on the internet about Mario not being family friendly as he appears to kill off countless enemies such as Goombas and Koopa Troopers while insinuating that he is a psycho.   In this case some wonder whether or not Nintendo could ever pull off a Super Mario shooter game in this day and age.  Seeing how Nintendo are generally considered to be creative geniuses who constantly finds ways to reinvent themselves in relation to gaming its possible that they could find a way to pull off a family friendly Super Mario shooter game just to try something new.  If we got a Mario shooter game that was family friendly and similar to a game such as Splatoon  2 then it could possibly work on the Nintendo Switch

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