The Sega Saturn is a game console that does not get talked about nearly as much as the Sega Dreamcast despite the fact that it was an advanced game console that was arguably better than the PS1 when it comes down to quality.  The Sega Saturn definitely handled arcadevgand better than the PS1 but at the same time there were hardly any games featured on the Saturn console that would be considered memorable.

While Virtua Fighter 2 sold close to 2 million units worldwide on the Sega Saturn and is considered to be the best selling game for that console even though it’s not quite as memorable as many other 3D fighting titles from the 90’s.  In terms of overall sales the Sega Saturn has managed to sell over 9 million units worldwide since its release between 1994-1995 which is actually considering how competitive the console wars was starting to become during the time. 

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