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Should Duck Hunt have received a direct sequel?

Duck Hunt Nes

When we think about old school NES games of the 80’s Duck Hunt is one of the many games that instantly comes to mind for a majority of people who owned the Nintendo Entertainment System Duck Hunt was a rather violent yet simple game where players had to shoot a certain amount of targets to advance to another level.  One of the things that made Duck Hunt much more exciting was the fact that players had the chance to use the NES zapper while playing the game.  Looking back at the NES zapper accessory from the 80’s it looks similar to something that would have worked if Nintendo made a sequel for Duck Hunt for the Nintendo Wii.    In fact, the thought of not having a sequel for Duck Hunt for the Nintendo Wii is something that many people probably question to this day.


The Nintendo Wii was the perfect console to bring back an NES classic like Duck Hunt especially considering the fact that players could use Wii remote and nunchuck in mostly every game that was available for the console.    In fact, the Nintendo Wii did have its own zapper gun which could be used on games such as Dead Space Extraction, Golden Eye 007, House of the Dead and more.  In terms of preference its difficult to tell which console would have been best for a direct sequel for Duck Hunt but most people would probably agree that a succeeding game should have happened regardless.

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