Should Sega have played a role in funding Shenume 3?

Shenmue 3

When it comes down to Sega titles Shenume was among one of the most popular game series that the company had produced next to the like of Sonic the Hedgehog and Phantasy Star.  When the original Shenume title was released for the Sega Dreamcast back in 1999-2000 the game went on to sell over one million units worldwide.  As successful as the first game was the sequel to the original game known as Shenume II did poorly in sales compared to its predecessor.  Since Shenume II was released back in 2001 the world has not seen another game in the series as many people believed that Sega had given up on the franchise as a whole.  Despite, constant requests over the past decade for a potential sequel Sega was unable to develop a successor to Shenume II.

But not too long ago YS Net had began raising money through Kickstarter to make fantasy a reality when it comes down to the Shenume series.  It has been announced Shenume III will be released worldwide on the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows in late 2017-early 2018.  Even though, Shenume II did not do so well in terms of worldwide sales many people still believe that it was a great action adventure RPG title.  Besides, if Shenume II was released for the PlayStation 2 instead of Xbox and the Sega Dreamcast which was starting to decline in worldwide popularity the game overall probably would have done much better on a commercial level than it did.  Even though, having a sequel to Shenume II is something that many people are excited about it feels a bit strange that Sega had little to no involvement in the development of Shenume part three.   Along with the fact that Shenume III is being developed by another entity other than Sega this also marks the first game ever in the series to be featured on a PlayStation console.  With PlayStation 4 being the premier console in the gaming industry its going to be interesting to see a game that people have waited for over fifteen years to see return on this game system.

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