Was Xenogears better than Final Fantasy VII?

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Comparing Xenogears and Final Fantasy VII for the PS1 or choosing one over the other is something that would be very difficult for fans of the RPG genre to do. Both Xenogears and Final Fantasy VII had interesting stories and great gameplay while being praised by critics and fans alike.  But when it comes down to worldwide sales and commercial success Final Fantasy VII was arguably more popular than Xenogears.  While Square Enix utilized 3D models for the characters in Final Fantasy VII  they retained the use of sprites along with 3D designs for the mechas which was something that was also very cool to see.  While the first disc was filled exciting gameplay and anime like cutscenes the second disc felt like it was rushed which was most likely due to time constrains along with  a cut budget.


Despite, not reaching its full potential in terms of overall development Xenogears was still highly regarded as one of the best RPG titles of the 90’s.  Even though, the game was a bit controversial in terms of storyline it did not reduce the quality of the game itself during the late 90’s.  The fact that the storyline for Xenogears was controversial might have been one of the main reasons why Final Fantasy VII was more popular worldwide.  In terms of sales Xenogears has sold at least one million units worldwide since its release back in the late 90’s.  However,  Xenogears was far more popular in Japan then it was in America. Final Fantasy VII seemed like it very popular in both America and Japan.   Since Final Fantasy VII was released back in the mid 90’s the game has sold close to ten million units worldwide on the PS1.  Not only that Final Fantasy VII has a remake which will be release for the PlayStation 4 sometime in the near future.  While many people would love to see a remake for Xenogears it would probably be unlikely considering how it did in terms of worldwide sales back in the late 90’s and early 00’s.  If Square Enix does decide to remake Xenogears it would probably be an exclusive game only for Japan opposed to receiving a worldwide release.

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