Would Raiden be a decent villain in Mortal Kombat XI?

Mortal Kombat X_20150419114121

As many people know Raiden has been a huge protagonist in the series since the early 90’s when first Mortal Kombat game was released.   Since then Raiden has fought along the side of the warriors of Earthrealm against the likes of Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn and Shinnok.  After the events of Mortal Kombat IX & X many people would probably agree that Raiden is best suited for the role of a villain opposed to that of a hero.  In Mortal Kombat IX  Raiden had done everything in his power to change the future by preventing its destruction and in many ways he ensured it.

Mortal Kombat 9.jpg

Even though, Raiden had good intentions characters such as Kung Lao, Kitana, Jade, Kabal, Striker and Cyber Sub Zero were destroyed in the process. In fact, Raiden accidentally killed Liu Kang himself who was the main protagonist of the Mortal Kombat series before his death.   By the time Mortal Kombat X had ended Raiden had seemingly became a dictator.  While Raiden had swore to protect the Earthrealm he also made a grave warning to anyone who threatened the Earthrealm that they will suffer “fates worse than death”.  Some people would see this as a bit ironic considering the fact that he announced this to both Liu Kang and Kitana who were also protectors of Earthrealm along with Raiden prior to their deaths in Mortal Kombat IX because of him.  While some might view Raiden as hero others might suggest that he is similar to how Superman was in the first Injustice game after going insane.  If there is ever a Mortal Kombat XI the idea of having Raiden as the main antagonist is one that would be interesting at best.

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